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Postnatal shiatsu with refugees

Well Mother

Segolene Cadet, who has just completed her work for the Well Mother Shiatsu Diploma in Maternity Care included some reflections on her work in the suburbs of Paris where she describes her shiatsu with women refuges. I find her work very interesting and hope it can serve to inspire others to get involved in similar projects.

Malien women and babies Malien women and babies

“Relais BB is an association for parents and young children in the town of Nanterre that is supported financially by the government as well as by the local district of Nanterre. They distribute nappies, food, and milk for women and children up to 18 months. These women and their families do not have any resources and are often searching political asylum. They come from Mali, the Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Algeria, Romania, the Cameroons, and Senegal and are waiting for their documentation. They live in very difficult conditions and are supported…

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